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eps to pdf conversion-use epstopdf, pls

Filed under: Software — roylez @ 10:41 上午

I love the easiness and output quality of ConTeXt, and am using it to write my thesis and set output to pdf. However, when setting output format to pdf, which means using pdfetex to process the source, I found that I could not get vector quality figures.

The reason is that pdfetex only accepts pdf/png/jpg figures, in which only pdf is of vector quality. Converting eps figures to pdf with ps2pdf/imagemagick/gs can do the job but the dimension of the output is incorrect.

After Googling for quite a long time,  I reached the point that it is due to the eps “bounding box” problem, which can be solved by using epstopdf together with a ghostscript version later than 8.0. Pretty simple, isn’t it?


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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

    条评论 由 Maximus — 2007/12/20 @ 5:50 上午

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