Jiggling & Wiggling


What “Ph. D.” really stands for . . .

Filed under: 杂七杂八 — roylez @ 6:28 下午

Patiently hoping for a Degree

Piled higher and Deeper (after BS = Bullsh…, MS = More of the Same…)

Professorship? hah! Dream on!

Please hire. Desperate.

Physiologically Deficient

Pour him (or her) a Drink

Philosophically Disturbed

Probably headed for Divorce

Pathetically hopeless Dweeb

Probably heavily in Debt

Parents have Doubts

Professors had Doubts

Pheromone Deprived

Permanent head Damage

Pretty homely Dork

Potential heavy Drinker

Professional hamburger Dispenser…..”Would you like fries with that?”

Pretty heavily Depressed

Prozac handouts Desired

Pretty heavy Diploma

Pathetic homeless Dreamer

Proudly half Dead

Phinally done!


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