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A PyMol generated gif file

Filed under: Molecular Dynamics, Molecular Modeling, Ni3Al — roylez @ 5:30 上午

A PyMol generated gif fileOriginally uploaded by roylez.

This is the gif file showing how dislocation would grow in a

twenty-Angstrom radius Ni3Al sample when compressed. It is quite

impressive, beautifully shows how dislocations and slip planes grow and

interact with each other.

I have tried to use Protein Explorer before turning to PyMol. PE, as I

think, is too much tricky to manipulate and very picky on browser as

well. But all the things in PyMol are easy, you simply click some thing,

almost everything can be done! I do not know why there is even less

document on PyMol on the net than rasmol and PE. Perhaps that is due to

PyMol is a young software, hmmm?

Python rocks, sourceforge rocks!


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