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Golden ticket? Lucky draw?

Filed under: 杂七杂八 — roylez @ 12:24 下午

大约几个月以?,在wordpress上?留下了自己的email,想?到今天居然真的收到了他们的信。借由这个golden ticket,我也是在wordpress留有大??的人了,哈哈。下?就是golden ticket全文。

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away you entered your email address on http://wordpress.com/ to get a blog.

We’re now inviting small groups to use WordPress.com and your email address was selected today!

Visit this address to get started:


While you’re on a string of good luck it might be a good day to buy a lottery ticket. Better move fast though, because this invite will expire in a week, no exceptions.


The WordPress.com Team


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